The Story Behind Our Logo & Mascot


Have you ever seen Superstar Education’s first infographic video? This video (or infographic – to be more precisely) has been played for many times at various events in Australia & Indonesia. The infographic video is simple, yet it’s very informative. Creating such an awesome infographic required creativity, skills, persistence and accuracy. Helsa was then a student at Swinburne University.


Tracy is the winner of Superstar Educaiton’s logo competition in 2013. At that time, we decided to rebrand our name and logo, but instead of hiring a professional designer we decided to have a competition to empower students and fresh graduates from design-related background. We were quite surprised to receive such a huge response from the community, but Tracy design was so fresh and unique, and it also met the criteria perfectly. Tracy was then a student of RMIT and she is now pursuing her careeer in Indonesia


After rebranding name and having a fresh logo, Superstar Education’s name is getting more and more popular among students and their parents. Since most of our clients are young students (and those who are young at heart!) , it was seen that there’s a need to have a cute mascot that represents our team: young, fun and smart, and it relates to education as well as technology. So, once again Superstar Education decided to run another competition. The winner of the competition was Chyntia (then a student of Billy Blue Design College). She loves drawing and designing. Her hobby and passion is design, combined with the skills learned at Billy Blue, helps her to create a fun and smart mascot for Superstar Education.


We are so into social media and digital media! Our video project was created and directed by a talented accountant (yes, he is an accountant but he loves digital media and creating short movie). Having an experience in editing and directing a short film for his church community, Rheza was excited to create 1-minute clip for Superstar Education. This clip has been shown in many Indonesian events in Australia, as well as in Indonesia and Cambodia.